Reach Above & Below-the-line voters! Lock In SHOOT Print/Digital Issue Ads by tomorrow...

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Subject: Reach Above & Below-the-line voters! Lock In SHOOT Print/Digital Issue Ads by tomorrow...
Date: July 28th 2020
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Phase II is Here!  Congratulations to all the Emmy Nominees.
Lock In Your Print & Digital Marketing now... 

SHOOT's high-profile digital and print platforms reach
Producers, Production Execs, Directors, Cinematographers, Editors, Writers, Designers, VFX, Music/Sound Artisans & more!! 

**Above & Below-the-line decision-makers have been reading SHOOT since 1960**

Top L to R, just some of the shows covered in SHOOT's Road to Emmy Series during Phase 1: 
"The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" (Amazon Prime), "The Morning Show" (Apple TV+), "Hollywood" (Netflix),
"I Know This Much is True" (HBO), "Cosmos: Possible Worlds," (NatGeo), "The Handmaid's Tale" (Hulu)

SHOOT's 2020 Annual "Road to Emmy" Series has been running weekly since 5/18 & will continue through the Creative Arts Emmy Awards & Primetime Emmy Awards, providing an ideal environment for FYC Advertising!  
All content appears on (website,) The SHOOT Dailies (Daily M-F email newsletter) and The SHOOT>e.dition (weekly email newsletter.) Part 5 also appeared in SHOOT Magzine's June/July Print Issue & PDF version and Part 13 will appear in the Aug./Sept. Print Issue & PDF version.

Click Here for SHOOT's 2020 Road to Emmy Schedule 
Click Here to see the 2020 Road to Emmy Series articles to date.
Emmy-nominated executives/artisans/programs will be covered in Parts 12-16!

Here's a look at SHOOT's High-profile Phase II "EMMY FYC" Options...

SHOOTonline website

  • Highly targeted production/post industry website with 50,000+ unique visitors per month is the ideal cornerstone for your Emmy FYC campaign! Experiencing strong consistent growth for the last five years, the people you want to reach will be looking to the site regularly during Phase 2 for Emmy-related news/ features. Click Here to see screenshots of a few banners that ran during Phase 1.
    Major Benefits to FYC Advertising on SHOOTonline
    #1 When you purchase a banner it runs on the Home Page and all pages throughout the site - and there are thousands of them--a key benefit as while thousands of users enter the site via the Home Page, thousands others enter through links in articles from one of our 3 email newsletters so they are entering the site on all different pages and your banner will be wherever that is!
    #2 Banners will also rotate up and down on pages where there are multiple slots of your size. Sometimes it will be on top of page, sometimes middle or bottom and even sometimes will be in two slots on the same page; always while appearing on all different pages at the same time.
    #3 Mobile Friendly! you'll be able to provide additional size banners for mobile at no extra cost so your banners appear perfectly on all mobile devices!

  • Regular & Expandable Banner Sizes:
    728x90, 300x250, 300x600, 468x60, interstitial & custom units. 
    SHOOTonline is 
    DFA and Jetpack certified.
    Banners may start any day of the month and can be purchased by 7-day to 30-day runs.
    Click Here for Digital Ad Rates

    Click Here for banner specs

The SHOOT>e.dition
Every Friday email newsletter to 22,000 opt-in subscribers, containing abstracts/links to all of the articles, columns, interviews, videos published on SHOOTonline & releases published on the SPW during the previous week. Great addition to SHOOTonline banner advertising - as readers of the >e.dition click back and forth to the site they will see your site banners that appear on the Home Page and all throughout the site.

  • Banner Sizes / Net Rates per >e.dition
    Banner Sizes: Top: 468x60-$500., Side: 180x150-$375. & Skyscraper: 180x600-$1,050.
    Click here for recent Phase 1 SHOOT>e.dition

    Phase II >e.dition Dates: 7/31, 8/7, 8/14, 8/21, 8/28 

SHOOT Magazine
Print Issue with Bonus PDF version & digital distribution!
Important: Closing Today & Tommorw for Space!!
Make a splash with your Ad inside the "Road to Emmy" lead feature or other premium position.
Don't miss out on getting in on the Magazine Above-the-Line & Below-the-Line Decision-makers
have been reading for almost 60 years!

  • August/September Phase 2 Print & PDF Issue 
    The PDF version of your Ad/s will have live link to your FYC Site!
    8/7: PDF Issue will be posted on SHOOTonline for 50,000 unique monthly visitors to view/download.
           We will drive traffic to it with banner ads on site and email newsletters throughout August.
    8/10: PDF issue will be emailed to 22,000 opt-in subscribers via special email blast.  
    8/11-13: Print Issue will be in 9,500 readers' hands more than a week before critical final voting.

    Ad Deadlines: 
    7/28-7/29: Final Space Reservations
    7/31: AD PDF File due: 7/31
    8/3: Final Ad Material Extension

  • Click Here to see SHOOT Magazine's Phase 1 June/July PDF Issue
    Click Here to see the email blast alert that was sent to 22,000 subscribers linking to PDF Issue
    Click Here for SHOOT Magazine Print Ad Rates
    Click Here for SHOOT Magazine Print Ad Specs

SHOOT Custom Email Blasts 
Rates: One Blast: 3,500. net || Two or more Blasts during Phase 2: $2,900. net each
Click Here for Custom Email Blast Info

Monday-Saturday Available Send Dates as of now:
week of 8/3: 8/3, 8/4, 8/5, 8/6, 8/7, 8/8    week of 8/10: 8/10, 8/11, 8/12, 8/14, 8/15
week of 8/24: 8/29   week of 8/31: 8/31 
(all other dates are on hold but may become available so contact us for waiting list)
Minimum buy requirement to utilize SHOOT Custom Email Blast Service:
Advertiser to run at least a 1-week SHOOTonline website banner - Net Rates (Home Pg/ROS, 20% SOV):
    Billboard 970x250: $975.00         Large Leaderboard 970x90: $875.00
Leaderboard 728x90: $800.00     Side Half Page 300x600: $975.00
Side Medium Rec 300x250: $525.00   Interstitial up to 800x550: $1,400.00
Wallpaper/skin Top 1110x250 + left & right 300x660: $2,925.00
Here are links to five of the seventeen Phase 1 FYC Custom Email Blasts we sent out:
NatGeo "Below Zero" Netflix "Hollywood" Amazon "Homecoming"
 HBO "I Know This Much Is True"   Hulu "Normal People"

The SHOOT Publicity Wire (SPW)
Entertainment industry wire service provides $60. option for posting publicity releases with photos, video, links - ideal for promoting nominated work, above-the-line and below-the-line talent, behind the scenes videos, promos, new show launches and more. Fantastic distribution!
Click Here for info on distribution, categories, sample releases, etc.

For Space Reservations & more info,
please contact SHOOT Publisher, Roberta Griefer, at 203/227-1699 ext 701 or via email

Click Here for more info on SHOOT's Emmy FYC Advertising

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